Back-End Development

For back-end work we use an extensive list of technologies and frameworks. Mostly we use Python and .NET. We can proudly say that back-end is our specialty.

Back-End Development

Backend development is one of our top software development expertise. Our programmers are always ready for collaboration on any stage of your project development.

ChainArtSoft backend development team consists of highly technical people who will look after your requirements and would make sure your product functions exactly as you want it. No bugs, only carefully written, well-documented code, which complies with all the standards of the programming languages, ensuring the code is error-free, fast and runs smoothly at all times.

Whether you need a complex distributed system or a simple backend with a few specific features, our team is here to help you! We constantly engage in research and development to pick up a programming language that is the most suitable for your project, ensuring quick server responses along with the overall sustainability of architecture.

We are very flexible in the way we work with our clients and their business needs, working out the best solutions and transforming them into an action plan of technical assignments. Security, correctness and performance of your project is our core priority.

You can contact us for any type of the backend development needs of your business. We assure you a highly professional development service and exceptional support!

Web Development

Successful desktop development requires strong knowledge of .NET technologies. Our experienced .NET team is ready to apply their skills.

Web Development

Wonder how to create an outstanding & modern website that will attract people's attention and at the same time provide all functionalities that your clients need? Building a custom website is the right path for those objectives. Developing the website from scratch gives you flexibility and freedom to customize it as you wish per your business demands.

We are specializing in creating powerful, cutting-edge and most importantly functional websites that your users will love. Our team of highly professional web developers with vast expertise in Python and .NET will attentively step by step define and build the back-end infrastructure of any kind and create a totally custom front-end using React.JS or other frameworks with preferable functionalities per your requirements.

Effective websites are a combination of strategy, technology and of course, functionality. By choosing our company to develop your web product you will end up having the website that meets the ever-changing demands of today's digital world.

At ChainArtSoft we develop products following a customer-oriented approach by networking and analyzing the best options for the perfect result. We will provide you with a peerless and most favorable solution by using the latest technologies and integrating our experience with your vision.

Mobile Development

There are quite a few ways to develop a mobile app. We use the most popular mobile development technologies: both hybrid and native

Mobile Development

Mobile app development is getting bigger and bigger and now even dominating web and desktop development as more and more people are using their mobile phones daily. Today, there are 2 major platforms for mobile app development in IT industry - iOS and Android. Developing mobile applications for both platforms with two different codebases can be inefficient.

That’s why nowadays there are cross-platform frameworks for mobile development such as Xamarin that let you create a single app that will be able to work on Android and iOS at the same time. Developing a mobile app using hybrid architecture have its own advantages over the native ones.

The Development Process Is More Affordable

You can reduce the cost of mobile app development when using cross-platform frameworks for mobile development like Xamarin as well as have a better understanding of the incurred costs. It’s easier to implement up to 80% of the logic once and reuse it across multiple platforms than to build a separate codebase for each platform using two different programming languages and toolsets.

Faster Development Process

Since you don’t have to develop the app using multiple program languages for the different platforms you will be able to build your app faster.

Less bugs

As most of the code is shared between platforms, when you fix a logic bug for Android it gets automatically fixed for iOS, which significantly reduces the amount of platform-specific bugs.

Popular among brands

A lot of brands [are using Xamarin] when they choose a framework for their mobile app, making Xamarin even more popular.

Greater Reach

It’s just common sense, the more platforms you cover, the more people will be able to use your app. Developing the application that works both on iPhone and Android gives your app a great advantage of tapping into greater market potential.

If you’re looking for an experienced team of mobile developers to create cross-platform application then ChainArtSoft is your choice. Our team has a vast experience in developing various kinds of projects on Xamarin and we would be really happy to apply our unique experience to your project.

DApps Development

We develop dApps on top of EOS, Ethereum, TRON, Tezos, Cosmos, CyberWay, Steem, Bitshares, blockchains.

DApps Development

Building a decentralized application i.e dapp is getting more and more popular among entrepreneurs and developers around the world. Comparing to other iOS and Android applications, dapp uses blockchain as a backend and manages data without relying on a centralized system.

At this moment there are over 3000 dApps built on top of Ethereum, EOS, and TRON. The number of new dapps delivered monthly to the blockchain market has increased 10 times over the last 2 years.

In order to develop a dApp you may additionally need to know Solidity or C++ for writing smart contracts, other functionality can be created using programming languages such as JS, Python, C# and many other.

So why dApps are so great?

1. Security reasons
The decentralized applications use libraries for transaction signing and broadcasting which makes it impossible for a hacker to generate transactions on behalf of user (including financial transactions) without knowing user’s private key.

2. Transparency
Dapps allow users to avoid relying on private centralized servers letting them transparantely track what’s what’s going. Most of the dApps involve cryptocurrencies that can be used to incentivize users for activities on the platform by rewarding them with coins.

3. Distribution of essential components
Ensures quick, efficient and affordable way for processing and storing a big amount of transactions using blockchain as a backend to enhance the customer experience.

Smart Contracts

What is a smart contract and why you need?

Smart contract is a set of programming instructions developed to implement agreements between two or more network participants, including financial agreements, legal obligations, and other.

It can be used for multiple purposes and business niches such as:

  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Supply chain
  • Real estate
  • Copyright protection
  • Government
  • IOT networks

Smart Contracts are essential because they provide:

  • Computerization: They are triggered by a transaction or message
  • Independence: Smart contracts are totally autonomous once deployed
  • Security: It’s fully transparent and visible to everyone

Smart contracts are beneficial for your business because you are:

  1. Directly dealing with customers
  2. Resistant to failure
  3. Able to keep all records
  4. Reducing fraud risks
  5. Guaranteeing immutability

At ChainArtSoft we have a vast experience in writing a Blockchain Smart Contract on Ethereum, EOS and TRON. If you’re looking for an experienced team of blockchain developers to build you a smart contract then don’t hesitate to contact us!

Consultancy and Audit

Ability to offer consultancy services is often considered to be a pinacle of a professional career. We have senior-level developers who have achieved that pinacle and are able to offer real help in your challenge to make a good product.

Consultancy and Audit

Nowadays custom software is сoming into a wide variety of businesses niches. It requires you to have a clear understanding and good knowledge in order to start a software project for your business. Thus, technical consulting services would be useful both for experts and novice to launch a project based on different technologies. So, if you’re having issues understanding certain technology areas then you’re at the right place!

Working together with our clients, we always try to fully evaluate the project and its needs, so we could provide the right guidance and strategic advice to the problem you are trying to solve. Based on your requirements, we contribute with recommendations of the available software technologies that is the best suitable for your needs.

ChainArtSoft provides consulting and support on a numerous software platforms, frameworks, and tech stacks, helping you to find and implement the best and the most remarkable solutions that would upscale your business and making it possible to reach a completely new level.